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Message from President Executive Council GAMCA's Members

Message from President 

Formation of
"GCC Approved Medical Centres Association (G A M C A)"  in Bangladesh and its activities. by
Mr. Biswas Jahangir Alam,
President Executive Council,
GAMCA-Dhaka for the Term 2012

GCC Approved Medical Centres' Association (GAMCA) was formed on 20th September 1999 at a general meeting of the approved Medical Check-up Centres of Executive Board of the Health Ministers' Council for the G.C.C. States under the organization Gulf Cooperation Council (G.C.C.) constituted by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, State of Kuwait, State of Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. The Arab Gulf States forming among themselves one region in its Islamic belief, Arabic language, being so closed in geography and environment, economic resources, cultural and social circumstances, customs and traditions; found it more advantageous for all of them in both their present and future to form a Gulf organization that links them closely, protects their homeland and ascertains their distinct identity. Based on this, the Health Ministers' Council for the Gulf cooperation Council States was established in February 1976 to prove the strong links and ties that join the 6 states and to stress the importance of cooperation. The general meeting was held at Hotel Sheraton where Mr. Fahad N. Al-Saqr, Head of the Consular Section of The Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was kindly present to form the Association GAMCA as per directives of the ‘Executive Board of the Health Ministers' Council for the G.C.C. States' to attain the following objectives:

1. To develop coordination amongst the member Medical Check-up Centers engaged in the medical check-up of the passengers bound for Gulf States and other countries.

2. To bring homogeneity and equality among the member Medical Check-up Centers.

3. To implement and execute the guidelines and carry out Medical Check-up according to the Rules and Regulations For Medical Examination of Expatriates Recruited, Edited by Dr. Tawfik A.M. Khoja, The Director General, Executive Board of the Health Ministers' Council for G.C.C. States.

4. To take necessary steps against defiance of the above guidelines provided by the “Executive Board of the Health Ministers' Council for the G.C.C. States” to all the Member Medical Check-up Centers.

5. To coordinate between the member Medical Check-up Centers and the Embassies of the G.C.C. states in Dhaka.

6. To ensure the medical check-up of specific number of people against specific number of visas.

7. To impart training to the technical staff and other employees of the member medical Check-up Centers through Workshop, Symposium, Seminar, Training Programs etc.

8. To encourage the Medical Centers to stand beside the people and the nation during natural calamities like flood, cyclone, drought, earthquake etc.

9. To coordinate with the Manpower Recruiting Agencies as well as their association (BAIRA).

10. To request the member States of G.C.C. and other countries to recruit more manpower from Bangladesh.



2505/2506, Gagon Tower,
House: 34 (100 feet raod), Madani Avenue,
Natun Bazar Vatara, Dhaka-1212.
Phone : 88-02-9853175, 9853176

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